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Saint George - The Green Way Board

IMG 7290The Sepsi Green Way leads tourists through 18 settlements. Its aim is to introduce the sights of the region, its natural and environmental values and to promote a better understanding of these settlements for locals and tourists.

By bike or by foot, or even on horseback, it offers a wonderful experience to those who would like to get to know the mountains of Háromszék. It spans over 100 km. Orientation is helped by signposts and maps placed in settlements. The road goes through the following towns and villages: Sepsiszentgyörgy, Árkos, Sepsikőröspatak, Kálnok, Zalán, Oltszem, Sepsibodok, Étfalvazoltán, Gidófalva, Fotosmartonos, Angyalos, Maksa (Eresztevény), Réty, Sepsimogyarós, Lisznyó, Bikfalva, Uzon, Illyefalva. Visitors can also familiarise themselves with the region's mushroom specialities during their wanderings. The boards describe the most frequent edible and poisonous mushrooms of the Barót and Bodok mountains as well as the Réty Birch area.
We wish you a pleasant journey and a wonderful time!

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